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1HR Rapid Tan 

Both the professional and retail products are enriched with tan intensifiers that begin to work immediately upon application, meaning the solution has an exceptionally quick development time. Non-sticky and non-greasy, clients will be left with flawless, streak-free colour after only one hour. The lightweight formula leaves a natural glow that will continue to deepen over the next 1-4 hours, even after the guide colour has been rinsed off. 

The new ‘High Intensity Tanning’ Express Tan collection was developed to give therapists and salons exactly what they were asking for – a solution that gives natural, professional-looking results, without clients having to wait for the traditional 8 hours to rinse off the guide colour. After intense product development and testing, Sienna X has created a solution that strikes the perfect balance between nourishing and caring for skin whilst accelerating the tan’s development. The premium formulas are high performance, with the same quality ingredients and luxurious feel as the rest of the Sienna range. 

Olive Tan


Introducing the New Sienna X Olive Spray Tan Solution, with a formulated olive based guide colour and developed tone for that Mediterranean look

  • 90% Natural

  • Enriched with Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil

  • NEW sensuous summer fragrance with undertones of coconut and vanilla

  • Vegan Friendly

6% - 16% DHA Spray Tan Solution

Paraben and alcohol free. Natural looking and filled with a beautiful coconut scent

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